Morning Frost

Brrrrrrr.  It has been cold these past few mornings and evenings and this morning I woke up to frost on the windshield of my car!  It looks like the forecast is calling for warmer temperatures with nightly lows only into the 50’s for this next week.  Hopefully the cold temperatures will leave us for good now.  I was lucky enough to get to go out night fishing on Saganaga last night.  There wasn’t room for me in Mike’s boat but a friend’s husband was nice enough to let me tag along in their boat for the evening.  I knew it was going to be cold so I dressed in long underwear, a t-shirt, jeans, a sweatshirt, my winter bib overalls, a winter coat, mittens, and earmuffs.( If you can believe it I still got cold but I wasn’t about to complain to my fishing partners.)  Anyway, the best part about night fishing isn’t the fishing itself it’s listening to all of the sounds and looking at all of the beautiful sights.  The forest comes alive at night with sounds of peep frogs, owls, and other creatures.  We were startled last night by what sounded like a boulder being dropped into the water from the sky, but it was really just a beaver slapping his tail at us right next to the boat.  I was lucky enough to catch a nice 21" Walleye but the true fun was watching the sunset on Saganaga and gazing into the star filled sky on a moonless night.