More on Don

I have been receiving quite a few questions regarding Don’s health lately.  As some of you know Don was a very active, strong, and physically fit 53 year-old.  This Spring he completed the Firefighting 101 course that involves physical stamina and he has also done the Wildfire Pack Test that requires a person to trudge 3 miles with 30 pounds strapped to their back in 45 minutes.  He made lifting canoes and Duluth Packs look easy and was like the Energizer Bunny who never quit from sunrise to sunset even in June.  Those are long hours!  Needless to say, spending a few weeks on your back and not eating can take it’s toll on one’s health.  Don has been working on building up his stamina again and has been out and about around Voyageur this past week.  He is very limited as to what he can do and I’m sure this is extremely frustrating for him.  It will be a slow recovery and it will take awhile for him to get back up to speed, but I’m sure by next Summer he will be back to running circles around our 20 something year-old summer staff.  Please keep him and Marilyn in your thoughts during his recovery.