Yesterday morning I went on a run with friends and noticed a local fishing guide from Gunflint drive by with his boat in tow.  A little while later when I was driving home I noticed this same guide pulled over on a side road that doesn’t lead to a lake.  I told my friend who was riding with me, "He’s not going to catch any fish there."  I proceeded up the Trail and after dropping my friend off  I rounded the last corner before home and there he was again.  This time he was parked on the side of the road and his guests were out of the vehicle with cameras in hand.  I rolled my window down and said, "How are you ever going to catch any fish if you don’t even put your boat in?"  He laughed and proceeded to tell me that this was the 3rd moose they had seen on the 12 mile drive  from Gunflint Lodge to the end of the Trail.  I’m not sure how the fishing was for them, but the moosing sure was good.