Moose Tail Tale

I guess I never realized moose had a tail. Their tails are small and relatively inconspicuous unlike a horse or even a deer who often shows their flag.  But if you look closely you can see there really is a tail on the moose.  Instead of “Pin the Antlers on the Moose” I can now have the kids play, “Pin the Tail on the Moose.” (They are no longer interested in any version of Pin the Tail games).

Abby, uninterested in Pin the Tail Games, was however interested in the tale of the missing moose tail. We were out driving last night and I had heard all kinds of stories about a moose with a hole on her butt, yes I know all moose have a hole on their butt but this was an open sore. Mark saw her repeatedly on the road earlier this spring and she didn’t appear to be doing very well. He was concerned for her welfare so he called the DNR. They came up to see if they could see her and finally did and decided they would let nature run its course.  Their conclusion? A wolf had attacked her, grabbed her tail and ripped it right off of her body! OUCH!

Mark also told me he thought the moose with the missing tail was pregnant. Last night Abby and I saw the moose and we concur, she is missing a tail and soon she’ll be missing a big part of her belly.

Gunflint Trail moose
Gunflint Trail moose missing tail
Moose on the Gunflint Trail
Moose on the Gunflint Trail

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