Moose Hunt Results

     We are grateful the DNR made a few adjustments for the 2007 moose hunt. This year hunters were only able to take bulls and could no longer take cows.  There were also some small changes in the number of moose allowed to be taken from some of the zones.  It looks like these changes did help to keep the number of moose killed down a little bit from last year. 

The 2007 bulls-only moose-hunting season in northeastern Minnesota ended Sunday Oct. 14. Hunters registered 115 bull moose at nine registration stations scattered across Cook, Lake and St. Louis counties over the 16-day season. This compares with 159 moose (bulls and cows) harvested in northeastern Minnesota in 2006, 163 in 2005, and 149 in 2004.  In the 2007 lottery, 233 once-in-a-lifetime bull-only moose tags were issued in 30 zones, with 229 parties purchasing them. Moose hunting is limited to resident hunters in parties of two to four hunters. Hunting success was 50 percent in 2007, the first bulls-only season in Minnesota.

Party success was 59 percent in 2006 with 269 parties taking 159 moose,59 percent in 2005 when 276 parties took 164 moose, 63 percent in 2004 when 240 parties took 151 moose, and 66 percent in 2003 when 217 parties took 144 moose. All previous seasons were either-sex hunts, where bulls, cows or calves were fair game. Typically eight out of 10 moose harvested were adult bulls.  Minnesota DNR

     We would like the DNR to really think about the 2008 moose season.  The number of moose in Northeastern Minnesota is estimated at around 6000.  You can look at past data from aerial surveys by visiting this website.and see the moose population appeared to take a dive last winter and no one is quite sure why.  Until the reason they are dying is determined I would feel better if there wasn’t a moose hunt, at least along the Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway.  

     Moose are a valuable resource for the Gunflint Trail and many people visit the area just for the chance to see one.  The moose hunt may create revenue for a couple of weeks in October but people come up all year long to see moose that are alive.  The moose is part of what makes this area so special and I’d like to keep them around.