Moose Collaring News

The petition to stop the collaring of moose calves in Minnesota has over 1500 signatures but the DNR still plans to collar more calves this spring.  This will lead to the unnecessary death of the majority of the calves in the study and it is senseless because we know wolves are killing calves. There is no need to collar and kill any more moose calves.

Please read a couple of articles about the collaring project that can be found online.  One article is about a vet on the project who was forced out of the project because she spoke out about the senseless killing of moose calves.   The other article is about the mystery of the disappearing moose calves and how it really isn’t a mystery that wolves are killing the calves.

I encourage you to sign the petition if you haven’t already. If you have signed it then please go back to the petition and share it with your friends and family.  We don’t need any more moose calves collared, enough is enough.


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