Momma It’s Hot Outside

     These were Abby’s words this morning when we stepped outside.  I had looked at the thermometer when I woke up so I knew it was already 30 degrees, far from hot in most people’s minds.  But in my 9 year-old daughter’s mind who has had plenty of "Mom it’s Hard to Breathe Days" I guess 30 degrees felt hot to her. 

     It is so strange how our perspective about  the temperature changes.  If it were the middle of July and we stepped outside to a 30 degree day we certainly wouldn’t describe it as hot.  Most people who live in Arizona or other southern states wouldn’t think 30 degrees was hot either.  But since it’s been below zero so often this winter 30 degrees does indeed feel hot.

     The temperature plays tricks on our mind.  In the fall when the temperature starts dipping into the 50’s people grab their sweaters and jackets.  When it’s up into the 50’s in the spring people pull on their shorts and t-shirts.  If it’s 30 degrees in the spring then I probably won’t even wear my coat but if it’s 30 degrees in the fall I’ll have it zipped up to my chin. 

     I can’t imagine living somewhere with a consistent temperature, no matter what the temperature may be.  What would getting dressed in the morning be like?  How boring to not have to check the thermometer or wonder what to wear.  Would our minds be conditioned into thinking 30 degrees was always cold?

     I’m glad my daughter thought it was hot outside today.  It not only gave me something to write about but also something to be grateful about.  Another benefit to life on the Gunflint Trail.