Middle of August on the Gunflint Trail

     The days are getting shorter and the nights longer as we enter the 2nd half of August.  It’s the time of the year it feels like someone hit the fast forward button.  The days pass quickly and the nights go even faster as the canoe outfitting season progresses.   

     The season is winding down and some of the bushes are beginning to change color.  The blueberries are at the end of their picking time and the thimbleberries are ripe. The sun sets early enough now that I can finally stay awake long enough to see the stars in the sky. Soon some of our summer staff will be leaving and that’s when reality of the summer coming to an end really hits.

     I’m not ready to think about summer ending.  I like the warm water for swimming, the sunshine on my face and paddling the Boundary Waters.  I know I still have until the end of September but that will be here before we know it.  I hope you can get up here before the season ends, it does a body and mind good. 

Boundary Waters bliss