A Different Kind of Camp- Birchwood!

     My son Josh is perfectly content to spend all summer long at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  He loves to fish, catch frogs, swim in the river and run barefoot all day long.  My daughter Abby could take the wilderness life or leave it so when she was given the opportunity to attend Camp Birchwood she jumped on it. 

     Camp Birchwood for Boys is located across the Seagull River from us and Camp Birchwood for girls is on Steamboat Lake near Laporte, MN.  They say the camp is in Northern Minnesota but we travel south to get there. "Birchwood has been owned and operated by the Bredemus family since 1958. So for nearly 50 years, girls ages seven to seventeen have traveled to Birchwood’s gorgeous location in Northern Minnesota to have the time of their lives, summer after summer." 

     Abby attended this camp for one week two years ago and had a fabulous time.  As an 11-year old she signed up for a 2-week session and today is the start of her 2nd week there.  The girls aren’t allowed to have cell phones or to call home so we check the photos nightly to make sure we see her smiling face.  We saw that face behind the bow she was using to shoot archery in the latest photo.  She likes to participate in all of the activities offered there from horseback riding to tubing.

     It’s such an awesome opportunity for Abby to attend this fabulous camp.  If you’re looking for a great camp then check out Camp Birchwood.  The boys camp is more appealing to me but luckily for Camp Birchwood girls they can choose to go on a Boundary Waters trip as part of their camp.  I don’t expect Abby to sign up for one but then again you never know.