Memorial Day Weekend

     If you are still looking for something to do this weekend then look no further.  We have our Black Bear Cabin available and would love to see you up here.  It is our rustic cabin that is across the river, accessible by boat or canoe only.  There is a back room with 4 twin beds and a queen sized bed as well as a living room/kitchen area.  There is running water in the kitchen and a bath house with showers and toilets a short distance away.

     There is plenty to do up here this weekend.  The lake trout are biting, the water is warming up for the walleye bite and the northern pike are plentiful.  The bugs have not shown up so the hiking and paddling are perfect.  The day trip options are endless.

     If you are really bored then come on up and lend a hand.  There is plenty to do around a resort in the spring.  This weekend we’re planting trees, building staff housing and much more.  Give us a call, we’d love to see you up here! 1-888-CANOEIT!