Marooned without a Compass Day

     November 6th is officially known as the "Marooned without a Compass Day."  Who would have guessed?  The 2nd of November was Deviled Egg Day,  the 8th is Dunce Day and the 19th is the Have a bad day day.  While searching the internet for a topic I found these and other interesting days and months on this website

  • Aviation History Month
  • Child Safety Protection Month
  • International Drum Month
  • National Adoption Awareness Month
  • National Epilepsy Month
  • National Model Railroad Month
  • Peanut Butter Lovers Month
  • Real Jewelry Month
  • National Sleep Comfort Month

     While you may not find many of these listed on a calendar, they sure are good for a laugh!  Have a great day, and don’t forget your compass.