Local Politics

 Just Do IT 

Vote Yes.  It’s as simple as checking a box and then it’s like CookCounty winning the lottery.  It isn’t really a tax increase since we have been paying this tax for years already.  We’ve just had a few months of not paying this tax and I for one didn’t even notice the extra $5.00 it may have saved me.   It’s such a small amount of money out of our pockets for such a big opportunity.


Think of all of the things the 1% tax can do for your community.  Don’t just think about the projects on the “list” because this money will free up other funds so even more projects can be funded along the way.


Maybe you don’t think you need Broadband but it sure would open up a new world of choices for those who do.  The benefits of a broadband system are far reaching and would help everyone especially our children.  The school needs better internet and other public entities such as health care, law enforcement and more would be enhanced with broadband service.


There are those who don’t want to see a pool in our community.  That’s fine, not everyone needs to want it or use it but there are others who depend on the pool for exercise and entertainment.  I wouldn’t turn down a blank check because of a stipulation saying I had to buy cooked spinach but didn’t have to eat it.   


I try to think about the big picture and the future of our community.  I bet my Great Uncle Gus Pfarr didn’t think any of his relatives would come to CookCounty and call it home.  He didn’t have kids, maybe he didn’t care if there were ball fields in town or not, but his great, great niece and nephew sure are happy they are here. 


Some people don’t want to see the SeniorCenter move up to the Community Center.  That’s fine too, nothing is written in stone and after the tax goes through final decisions and plans can be made.  But if we don’t vote yes then we’ll never have this opportunity again.


Are you worried or skeptical about what projects would get funded or how the money will be managed?  Then it’s time to get involved in local politics and let your voice be heard.  The CountyCommissioners have made a commitment to fund these projects if the tax is passed.  Could they change their minds? Not likely if they want to remain CountyCommissioners because the people involved in these projects and your community would not stand for it. 


We have the opportunity of a lifetime in passing this tax.  Will you please help your community become a better place for everyone to live?





He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.   Harold Wilson


Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.  George Bernard Shaw