Let’s Help Elsa and Ron

Elsa and her family need our help. Her village is a typical 3rd world village with inadequate housing, water supplies, medical supplies and food shortages. Luckily their village is inland but the effects of the typhoon were still bad. They sustained 90 mph winds and lots of rain that did extensive damage. During recovery efforts Ron, Elsa’s husband was injured. He tries to do so much for the people of the village because they all look to him and Elsa.  Their home, one of the only cement structures in the village acted as the town evacuation center during the typhoon.  Every year they do a “Big Give” where they purchase food and supplies in bulk and then give it away to needy families in their area. I’m afraid the people are really suffering now.  I know we’re always being asked to give money for something but this is an instance where a little bit of money will go along way.  Elsa is a selfless deserving person whose purpose in life is to take care of her family in the Phillippines.  Please help her do this in their great time of need.



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