Let’s Play Hockey!

     Yesterday was the first game of the 2011-2012 Silver Bay Squirt season.  It was quite the opening game against a team from Two Harbors.  Why is this an important event to me, who lives 120 miles from the arena?  Because that’s our son Josh’s home rink.

     When Josh first begged to play hockey we thought traveling to Grand Marais when he was in Kindergarten was a big deal.  We kind of hoped he wouldn’t want to continue to play hockey since we knew when he got older he would have to go to Silver Bay as Grand Marais can’t support its own team.  I guess we didn’t hope hard enough because this is the 2nd year he’s been playing in Silver Bay and I’m sure glad he is.

     Regardless of the hours of windshield time Josh is loving hockey in Silver Bay.  There are 4 other boys that play in Silver Bay so we share the driving duties and it really isn’t that bad, especially for someone who is used to a 90 minute bus ride 5 days a week.

     I rarely brag in my blogs but today I just have to.  Two of the Grand Marais boys had hat tricks in yesterday’s game and defeated the Two Harbors team 11-2!  What a great way to start the season.  Today we’re off to Silver Bay again for a game against Cloquet and I can only hope those two boys get hat tricks again.  Hopefully this hoping will work better than my hope that Josh wouldn’t keep playing hockey because I really want to see Josh score another hat trick today!