Kayak Fishing

     Some people have been fishing from their kayaks for years but now it seems everyone is wanting to fish from a kayak.  I love to fish and I love to kayak, so I imagine I would love to fish from a kayak, I just hadn’t ever thought of it.  Fishing from a canoe is similar to fishing from a kayak in the sense that there is no noise from a motor so wildlife and fish are easier to find.  Fishing from a non-motorized watercraft is a very peaceful yet thrilling experience.  It’s fun to be fighting a fish and have your watercraft move around in response.  One reason for the rise in popularity of kayak fishing is that canoes and kayaks are expensive to purchase when compared with a motor boat.    

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  Jim Sammons of La Jolla Kayak Fishing agrees kayak fishing is gaining steam and is quoted in a recent article by Ed Zieralski as saying,  “People get excited because they don’t have to buy fuel to go fishing, but then they go out and experience it and that’s it for them, they’re hooked, they see how quiet and peaceful it is.”

     One example of how popular kayak fishing is becoming is the number of people who are attending tournaments.  According to Sammons it wasn’t too long ago when only 17 people would show up at a tournament and this year at two different tournaments there were almost 200 participants. 

     If you like to fish and you like to canoe, then come on up to Voyageur and give kayak fishing a try.  But be careful, you might just get hooked.