East Zone Complex Update

<%image(20060919-absmallfall.jpg|200|133|Fall on the Gunflint)%>

     A light rain fell on the Gunflint Trail, in some places less than a half of an inch, but it was enough to allow everyone to exhale.  A weight was lifted once again off of the shoulders of residents on the Gunflint Trail and everyone involved in protecting the Trail from the East Zone Complex Fires.

      Fire officials are fairly optimistic that these fires are no longer a threat to life or property on the Gunflint Trail.  With the time of year, precipitation received, and fire suppression efforts it looks like the fires will be contained within the Boundary Waters. 

     There are still plenty of fire fighting activities happening on the Gunflint Trail.  Aircraft will continue to be available and ground crews will work to mop up or lay hose as needed.  According to the DNR Website the number of personnel on the fire is 197 and the total cost is up to  $1,049,250.