Just as Much Fun Getting There

We all know how awesome it is to spend time in the Boundary Waters but I’m not sure everyone knows how fun it is getting to the BWCA from the Gunflint Trail.  When you choose an entry point off of the Gunflint Trail(all of which Voyageur outfits to) you get to see the most amazing scenery in the state of Minnesota.

The North Shore of Lake Superior is gorgeous even if you don’t get out of your vehicle to look around. You can take the Scenic Highway from Duluth to Two Harbors for even better views of the lake. If you do want to stop but not hike there are some places to see that offer beautiful vistas. Palisade Head, the Baptism River Falls in Beaver Bay or the Cross River Falls in Schroeder are just a few of these places where no effort is required.

Hiking to amazing scenery is an option to. From a quick 5 minute walk to a strenuous longer hike you have options galore to choose from. I hope you will take advantage of the opportunities to see wonderful sites along the way and visit us this summer on the Gunflint Trail.


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