Campfire Safety Memorial Weekend and Always

Be careful with fire, it’s dry out there.

Be safe with campfires

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reminds everyone to be safe with campfires this Memorial Day weekend and into the summer.

“Spending time with family and friends around a campfire is a popular Minnesota tradition,” said Linda Gormanson, DNR wildfire prevention supervisor. “You can take simple measures to make your campfire safe.”

Gormanson recommends all campfires should be:

Clear of any burnable material 5 feet in all directions around the fire.
Built within a designated fire ring 3 feet or less in diameter.
Kept to 3 feet or less in height.
Legal—check if to see if local municipality requires a permit.
For people who don’t have a campsite with a designated fire ring, select a safe place for the  campfire. Choose a level area away from dry grass, shrubs or logs that is free of overhanging branches. Then scoop out a depression in the center of the area and put a ring of rocks around it.

An adult should attend the fire at all times – even a light breeze can cause the fire to spread. Always have a shovel and water available at the campfire to extinguish it. Stir the embers repeatedly with water or dirt until every ember is out cold.

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