Just Another Reason to Love Our Home

The traffic we encounter in Cook County is minimal to say the least. Even on the busiest of summer days we don’t have anything to complain about. Our population even with every resort and hotel filled pales in comparison to traffic in metro areas. The slowest drivers, people stopped in the middle of the road to look at moose, the leaf lookers and those hauling a trailer and boat are no match for what you find in the cities.

Sixty miles on the Gunflint Trail takes a little more than an hour to drive. It can be a bit longer with “traffic” but there are no stoplights¬†or merging traffic entering the roadway to slow you down.

Driving in Florida this past week I encountered traffic. Stoplight after stoplight, ramp after ramp and vehicle accidents galore made for painfully slow travel.  Twenty to forty miles per hour on the Interstate was as fast as I could go and only for short bursts before I had to stop again.

It’s always fun to vacation different places but I’m always thankful to return home, especially when there’s no traffic!

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