We’re still waiting impatiently for the ice on the big lakes to freeze so we can safely ski and snowmobile.  Then there’s the people who live on the Canadian side of Saganaga who are waiting for the ice to freeze so they can make it down to the landing.

     Twice a year residents on the Canadian side of Sag are held in limbo by Mother Nature.  Once in the spring when they wait for the ice to go out and once in the fall while they wait for the ice to form.  It’s been a long wait so far this year.  

<%image(20061220-iceblockssmall.jpg|200|150|saganaga ice)%>

     Some years it is just a matter of a few days such as when the temperatures dip well below freezing both day and night.  If there is no wind or snow falling on top of the newly forming ice then it can happen quickly.  However, if the weather fluctuates, the wind blows and snow falls on top of newly forming ice, then it can be a long wait. 

     This is one of those long wait years and I’m sure the Powell’s are quite anxious to snowmobile to the landing so they can hop in their car to go to Grand Marais for supplies.  We’re hoping for some cold weather so they can safely travel south, to the landing, before next year!