Ice Day

     If April Showers bring May Flowers then I guess March showers bring March ice storms in Northeastern Minnesota.  Yesterday it rained almost the entire day equaling about .29" of precipitation.  Luckily for us folks on the Gunflint Trail the temperature warmed up enough above freezing that the roads actually improved in the afternoon and throughout the night.

     Conditions were different yesterday morning with sheets of ice covering even the gravel roads on the Gunflint Trail.  One step outside could have been the only one before slipping and sliding the rest of the way to your destination. 

     Along the North Shore and in Grand Marais conditions are still precarious with 1/4-1/2" of ice coating everything in site.  Yesterday ice accumulated on the roads quickly and caused numerous accidents.  Enough so our Gunflint Trail Ambulance and personnell were on call for any new accidents.  A rollover, head on collision and fender benders galore in and around Grand Marais were reported throughout the day. 

     School was released early yesterday and our Angel Annette the bus driver returned our children to us safely.  School was going to be two hours late today but with such dangerous conditions it has been cancelled. 

     Hopefully things will thaw out quickly so we’ll be able to keep electricity.  Living at the end of the road we rely on all of the power lines along the way.  We’re hoping the trees will stay away from the lines and people will travel safely, if at all on this icy day.

Thanks for the picture Mary!