I Need a Weekend!

     I know it is Monday but after this weekend I feel like I need another one to recuperate. Friday night our church sponsored a Middle School Dance and Lock-In for the kids in our community.  The event was a huge success with over 40 kids spending the night for the lock-in. That’s alot of kids especially for Cook County.

     I only stayed up until 2am but I felt like I had been ran over by a bus the rest of the weekend. I couldn’t keep my eyes open on Saturday and even yesterday I was still struggling. Today I feel somewhat human again but I sure could use another day to re-charge.

     My kids are already asking when we’re going to have another dance and lock-in! They suggested Valentine’s Day and I said, "That’s a month away!" They said they could wait that long! 

     The best part of the night for me was seeing my son and daughter dance. Josh asked Abby to slow dance and she actually said, "YES!" What a couple of sweet kids, that made it all worth the lack of sleep.

Cook County Middle School Dance