Hungry like the Wolf

     The wolves are getting hungry on the Gunflint Trail and on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Apparently the lack of deep snow is preventing the wolves from catching their favorite meal of deer.  When the going gets tough for the wolf the wolf looks elsewhere for its’ next meal.

     Most winters there is deep snow in the woods and the wolves have no trouble bringing down a deer to eat.  Deer are not made for traveling in deep snow since their small hooves easily break through the snow.  This slows the deer down and then they have a difficult time escaping their predator the wolf.  This winter there is barely any snow on the North Shore and the deer are easily out running the wolf.  The wolf doesn’t want to work too hard for it’s next meal and would prefer a free lunch.  The deer in Northeastern Minnesota often get a free lunch from the many home owners who love to watch them in their yard.  Unfortunately the wolves follow the deer herd to these areas and that brings them in close proximity to homes with pets.  

     Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?  Anyone living in Northeastern Minnesota whose family pet is a dog.  There have been a number of reports this year of close calls with wolves attacking dogs in homeowner’s  yards.  Luckily, so far the dogs have made enough noise so the owners have been alerted to the wolf before any of the dogs have been eaten.  Sadly there are years when up to 23 dogs have been killed in the 15 miles between Hovland and Grand Portage.(Minnesota Outdoor News)  

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     The wolves are out and about on the Shore and on the Gunflint Trail and they are hungry.  Lucky for us the largest population of wolves on the Gunflint Trail tends to be around Gunflint Lake.  The reason for the preference?  There’s a number of  homeowners and resorts who love to feed the deer corn throughout the winter.  I’m hoping the pet owners are keeping a close eye on their dogs.  Even though Rugby would only be a snack for a wolf I’ll be keeping him close to me for the rest of the winter.