Hiking up the Devil’s Track River

Today Josh, his friend and I went for a hike to see how far up the Devil’s Track River we could get. It’s something people around here do year around but I had never done it. In the winter people cross-country ski it but this time of the year when the river isn’t frozen you get your feet wet.

The Devil’s Track River formed a canyon so in some spots there are steep cliffs on both sides of the river. There’s no way to climb up the cliffs so you must wade through the water back and forth across the river to find land suitable to walk on.  In some places there are trees piled high from a spring flood a few years ago.  A scramble up and over the trees and once again you’re on your way.

We turned around before we reached any magnificent waterfall but it wasn’t about the destination as much as it was the journey. It was a glorious fall day and the sun was shining brightly. The water was a bit chilly but the the laughter of the boys warmed my heart.

Devil's Track River Gorge
Exploring Minnesota’s North Shore

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