Happy October

I can hardly believe it is October 1st today. Where do the days go? Filled with constant activity time does not go by slowly. Instead it races past me while I attempt to grab a moment and hang onto it. Each day my children grow a day older and a day wiser and I’m pretty sure Josh grows another inch taller and Abby more beautiful.

It feels like yesterday was the first day of school and I blinked and a month went by. Volleyball and football just started, didn’t it? Now there are only two games of each left before the end of the season. It’s mid-quarter at school and parent teacher conferences are next week.

The next time I blink I imagine it will be Christmas and before the ice has formed I’ll blink again and it will have melted and another summer will be upon us.  That my friends is the good thing. Even though it feels like another Boundary Waters canoe trip might take forever to get here next summer will be here before we know it and we’ll be paddling the BWCA once again.

First Day of School then it's mid-quarter
BWCA trip just a summer away

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