Ham Run Half Marathon

     According to my husband,  I have been spending all of my time working on the Ham Run lately.  While it hasn’t been all of my time I do admit it has been alot of my time.  The work has paid off and the website is almost complete so I thought I would tell you about it.  


  Most of you are familiar with the Ham Lake Fire that occured this past May.  Some of you may know about the Gunflint Green Up that is taking place this coming May.  Part of the Gunflint Green Up will be the Ham Run Half Marathon on Sunday, May 4th, 2008.      

     The race will begin at Gunflint Pines Resort and Campground on South Gunflint Lake Road, approximately 43 miles from Grand Marais, MN. The course will travel mainly uphill for a little over one mile on gravel. Runners will reach the pavement of the Gunflint Trail and run northwest towards the end of the Trail.  The race finish will be at the Trail’s End Campground and Way of the Wilderness Canoe Outfitters.

     There will be a pre-race pasta feed and a post-race pig roast and party.  It’s going to be a great event and I would love to see a big group of participants.  Please check out the website and let me know what you think.