Greg Burdette Wins

     Unbelievable as it may seem I have ended the Voyageur "Where are you wearing it?" contest a day early because I don’t think this one can be beat.  The contest was for people to send me photos of them wearing a Voyageur article of clothing in far off places.  The person who was the farthest from Voyageur would be the winner.  I’m not good at math and I’m not sure how altitude figures into the distance equation but I’m pretty sure I’ve found the winner.   


   Greg Burdette wrote in an e-mail,  "We were somewhere over Russia, putting us about 5300 miles from Minnesota, just shy of 200 miles altitude."

     If someone can get farther away from this before October 1st then feel free to e-mail me.  Otherwise Greg Burdette wins.