Great Canoes

     We have some great canoes available from a great company that was recently profiled on an online newsletter we received.  Some of you may remember reading about the Osagian Canoes we have for sale for only $750.00.  They are brand new aluminum canoes waiting to be paddled by you!

 Canoes Add Fun to a Family-Owned Metal Fabricating Business 

The folks at Carmeco, Inc., of Lebanon, Missouri have a knack for turning flat metal into functional forms.  So, why not add canoes into their mix of truck parts, oil drip pans, grain storage bins, and other oddly shaped and precision welded products.  In 2003, Carmeco, Inc., a family owned business, purchased Osagian Canoes which was founded in 1976.

Carmeco is owned by the Carr family and has been in business since 1970.  Jeff and his sons John, Jared, and Joe Carr all work at the family company that employs around 50 people.  Jeff’s mother is the company CEO.  Canoe manufacturing fit perfectly with Carmeco’s core production abilities, and Osagian has complimented Carmeco’s business.  In boat manufacturing, a lot of production is “handcrafting,” and Carmeco has given Osagian the ability to build parts with machines.  This translates to lower costs for Osagian’s customers.  Since Osagian was purchased, the company has seen a 60% increase in material costs yet has been able to maintain only slight price increases mainly due to efficiencies in assembly.

Osagian Canoes creates some of the best in aluminum canoes in the market, and offers a long lasting and high quality canoe.  "We believe aluminum provides the best return on investment throughout the world of paddlesports rentals," says Jared Carr, Sales Manager for Osagian.  Osagian’s boats are lightweight aircraft aluminum that provide excellent strength to weight ratios.  The boats also have a one-inch welded keel, providing easy tracking.  Osagian has also added powder-coated finishes to a number of its models, increasing the "curb appeal" of its boats.  A choice of colors from red, yellow, green, and blue, to subtle natural tones of beige and khaki are available.

"We are proud to be a part of the paddlesports industry and look forward to many more years of continuing to build the finest in canoes," says Carr.

For more information, check out or email Jared Carr at  Phone 417-532-7288.