Grab Your Canoe Paddles and Head to the Gunflint Trail

     The ice is off of Gunflint Lake already.  This has to be a record for the earliest ice out on Gunflint.  The earliest ice out on Saganaga Lake is April 13th according to long time resident Dickie Powell.  It looks like this year is going to break that record by a couple of weeks.

     This has been the craziest weather we’ve ever seen on the Gunflint Trail.  We still have ice on the Seagull River yet it is off of Gunflint Lake.  Normally the ice on the bigger lakes stays on much later than our river ice and Saganaga usually isn’t ice free until sometime during the first week of May.  

     Yesterday the temperature got up to 63 degrees again and the sun was hot.  It looks like the temperatures are going to cool off again this next week but it might be too late.  The lake ice is looking pretty black everywhere so grab your canoe paddle and come on up to the Gunflint Trail for the earliest paddling season ever!