Good-Bye Bear, Hello Squirrel

“Good Night Loon” is a popular children’s book title, Good-Bye Bear is not. Good-Bye and Good Riddance is what we’re saying about our overly friendly neighborhood bear. The lodge loving bear has been dealt with for the last time.

We are sad the bear had to die but knew it needed to. It had been getting way too bold and it was just a matter of time before someone was going to get caught in a bad situation with the bear.

On Saturday night Tony and Hannah returned to their lodge unit and noticed the screen pulled out and the window wide open. When they peered inside they saw the bear, sprawled out on his stomach, on the kitchen floor, happily munching on potato chips and pretzels.  They made a phone call to the neighbor since Mike and I were in town. This neighbor knew about the problem and has a big hunting career(he’s killed one other nuisance bear in his 40 plus years of life.

With the thought of getting rid of the bear in the safest manner they walked back to the lodge unit where the bear was still eating chips. He aimed the gun through the window and perfectly executed the bear with one kill shot. The bear did not suffer and died while enjoying his last meal.

Not so perfectly thought out was the mess the execution of the bear would make inside Tony and Hannah’s living quarters. There are no pictures recorded of the carnage but from what I was told it looked like a mob execution. Thankfully the crew members lent a hand in getting the mess cleaned up but there are still some blood stains on the deck.

We can open our windows once again and let the fresh breezes cool us off. Except for Elsa in the kitchen who has a very determined squirrel who chews a new hole in the screen every day in an attempt to get at her delicious baked goods. And the saga continues.

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