Frog Calling

If you’re interested in frogs then here’s a great opportunity to learn more about them and the sounds they make.

MN Department of Natural Resources

Spring has sprung

It’s officially spring and with it comes color and clamor! Many of our migrant bird species have or are starting to return, bare trees will soon give way to budding leaves, and our noisy (but welcomed) frog friends have started chorusing.

You may already know that different frog and toad species have distinct calling periods, but do you know which species are calling now? If not, think about attending the “Calling All Frogs” event at Gateway State Trail starting at 7 p.m., Thursday, April 6.  Contact Linda Radimecky (651-231-6968, for more details.

You can also learn and get involved by signing up for a Minnesota Frog and Toad Calling Survey route. Since 1996, volunteers have generously collected valuable data by listening to and identifying the frog and toad species heard at 10 stops along each driving route. The results have provided important insights into species’ distributions and abundances. This is citizen science at its finest!

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