Fishing Licenses for the Quetico Park

      Purchasing a Canadian Fishing License for a Quetico Park canoe trip just got easier.   You can now purchase your fishing license online and may have to because it is unknown whether or not the Quetico Park Ranger Stations will be able to issue them. The Canadians have gone high tech on us and now have a computer based system for issuing their fishing licenses and outdoors cards.

     Before you start the license issuing process you’ll want to make sure you have a printer connected to your computer. You will print your own license and will not receive any other copy in the mail. The only thing you will receive in the mail is your Outdoors Card that is good for three years.
    In addition to the printer make sure you have the information necessary to complete the license issuing process as well as a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card for payment. 
First Time Applicants for Fishing Outdoors Card
Existing Outdoors Card Holders
  • your first and last name
  • your date of birth
  • your mailing and residential address
  • your height and eye colour
  • your Outdoors Card number
  • your date of birth
  • your postal or zip code last on file
   There are a few license options for non-residents of Canada to choose from and one must be purchased in order to fish in Ontario legally. There are Conservation Licenses which reduce the number of fish you may have in your possession and regular fishing licenses of different duration. Determine which one is right for you prior to the issuing process.
2012 Fees
Non-Canadian Residents
Outdoors Card
 $ 9.68
Three-year Sport Fishing Licence Tag
 $ 234.55
Three-year Conservation Fishing Licence Tag
 $ 144.79
One-year Sport Fishing Licence Tag
 $ 78.18
One-year Conservation Fishing Licence Tag
 $ 48.26
One-day Sport Fishing Licence
 $ 21.31
Eight-day Sport Fishing Licence Tag ***
 $ 50.15
Eight-day Conservation Fishing Licence Tag ***
 $ 28.84
Non-Canadian Resident Angling Licence for a Member of an Organized Camp
 $ 5.41
* Licences purchased over the Internet or with licence issuers after renewal of an Outdoors Card will be carried as a separate document.
*** Eight-day fishing licences are valid for eight consecutive calendar days. A calendar day is a 24-hour period starting at 12:00 midnight.
    You can also get more information on the Outdoors Card by calling the Outdoors Card Centre at 1-800-387-7011.  This toll-free number works from all of North America, from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). You can also purchase your license via telephone by calling MNR’s interactive phone line toll-free at 1-800-288-1155. Your Outdoors Card will arrive in approximately 20 days.