Favorite Place to Eat in Duluth, Minnesota?

     People who don’t know me well would probably expect my favorite place to eat in Duluth, Minnesota to be a little upscale.  While I have to admit the Timber Lodge Steakhouse and Blackwood’s have great food I much prefer to eat at Grizzly’s.

     We pretty much eat at two places in Duluth; either Grizzly’s or the China Star.  When the whole family is there the China Star wins out but if I get my way then we go to Grizzly’s where I always order the chicken oriental salad.  The only thing bad about both Grizzly’s and the China Star is they both serve Pepsi products.

     Again, anyone who knows me knows my beverage of choice is Diet Coke.  So when we go to Grizzlys or the China Star I either drink water of Diet Pepsi with lime in it to kill the taste.  

     Do you have a favorite place to eat in Duluth?  If so then let me and my readers know.  Who knows, I might just give it a try.