Fishing in the Boundary Waters

Our family spent one night on Marabeouf Lake on the Granite River and then continued our voyage to Sag Falls.  We fished along the shoreline and were able to catch a few Smallmouth Bass and a couple of Northern Pike.  The lucky lure of the day was the Rebel Crawfish and many of our guests have said this lure works wonders.  Abby and Josh were thrilled to reel their fish into the canoe and were smiling from ear to ear.  I was quite happy to catch a couple of nice Smallmouth myself and Mike was content paddling us around and getting our lures un-snagged from the bottom of the lake.  We portaged around Horsetail Rapids and then Sag Falls and made our way to a rock to wait for our tow boat pick up.  We swam, did some more fishing, picked some more berries, relaxed in the hammock and savored our family time in the BWCA.

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