Crazy Crib

I love hammocks and I love my Crazy Crib by Crazy Creek.  We brought it along on our recent camping trip and it literally saved me; from the heat of the tent and my husband’s snoring!  This isn’t an ordinary hammock it is an extraordinary hammock.  It is spacious and zips up so that it fully encloses you inside a bug proof screen.  There is even a tarp to hang over it in case of rain.  After some tossing and turning inside the tent I decided to try sleeping in the hammock.  Armed with my sleeping bag I headed out, snuggled up inside of my crib and fell sound asleep.  Suspended in the air I was cool and comfortable.  There is even a place to put your thermarest in the bottom of the crib, but I slept just fine without it.  A hammock is a great addition to camping gear and makes camp life so much more comfortable. 

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