Fire in the Boundary Waters

The wind decided to blow during the night and it produced some spot fires in various locations on Seagull Lake.  One of our staff members was out paddling and took this photo while on Seagull.  Unfortunately Miles Island started on fire yesterday and we had guests camped there.  They had a harrowing story to tell and a new found respect for wildfire.   We had ash falling from the sky last night and the glow in the sky kept us all on our toes.  The weather plays a huge role in fire activity and we just hope it chooses to cooperate.  There are other fires burning throughout the United States and resources are limited.  There are also small fires burning within the Quetico Park including a small one in Cache Bay.  It too was caused by lightening and in the Quetico they will allow those fires to burn until they deem it necessary to put it out.  There is a complete fire ban in the Quetico and the Boundary Waters will allow fires from 7 p.m until midnight.  In addition to the other closings the portages from Seagull to Alpine, Paulson, and Rog are all closed.  The Portage from Rog into Alpine, Little Sag into Virgin, Gabbi into Peter, Crooked into Gillis, and Gabbi into Howard are also closed.  The USFS is holding a daily public meeting at Fire Hall #3 each morning at 10:00 a.m.

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For up to date information you can check out the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center website or our local internet provider   The next few days will determine what the fire will do and where it will go.  Thankfully the US Forest Service has been working on prescribed burns since the blowdown.  The Three Mile Island Burn in 2002 may just keep things at the end of the Trail from getting really hot.