Cavity Lake Fire

The Cavity Lake Fire is burning in an area that was affected during the 1999 Blowdown.  It was started by a lightening strike and is now currently over 1600 acres in size.  It is located South of Seagull Lake and North of Howard Lake approximately three miles from the Gunflint Trail.  At this time overhead teams are working on the fire and ground crews are getting ready to go in and start fire suppression activity.  The entry point into Seagull Lake and the Kek Hiking Trail have been closed as well as portages from Gabi to Howard, Gabi to Peter, Little Sag to Virgin and Crooked to Virgin.  Guests who have permits to enter these areas should contact their outfitter for an alternate route.  Smoke is visible along the Gunflint Trail and ashes are falling in various locations along the Trail as well.  At this time there is no threat to structures and the weather has been cooperating today.

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