Finally! The Historic Gunflint Trail Signs in Grand Marais will be Re-painted

     It’s been a topic of conversation for years and it goes something like this.

"Those signs at the old entrance to the Gunflint Trail sure look in bad repair."

"Yes, they do, but the city technically owns them so we can’t really do anything with them."

"Oh. I thought it was because the rock bases the signs sit on couldn’t be touched because of their historical significance."

"I don’t know I guess, maybe someday someone will take care of them…"

     Thankfully someday has come and someone has agreed to take care of the historical signs at the entrance to the old Gunflint Trail. The someone is the Gunflint Trail Historical Society and the Cook County Historical Society. 

     The signs are very neat but desperately need a facelift.  One sign is of a bear in a motorboat and the other is of a Voyageur carrying a canoe.  The photos below taken in 2010 show how bad the signs looked when compared to the signs in their heyday. These photos are from the Historical Society’s blog where you can read more about the signs and make a donation to help pay for the expense of painting. Donate to Gunflint Trail Entrance Signs Repair at Razoo

     Hopefully the signs will be back up and looking better than ever next spring. I can’t wait!

Gunflint trail sign      gunflint trail signgunflint trail grand marais, mn