Employee Housing

     Some of you may remember we lost all of our staff cabins during last year’s Ham Lake Fire.  We had actually just finished a cabin and a staff member spent one night in it before it was reduced to a pile of nails and melted metal.  We found other housing for last year’s staff and did not rebuild; for lack of energy, time, enthusiasm and money I imagine.  Well, now that our first staff member arrived on Thursday I guess it’s time to start building.

     I think we are doing things a bit backwards.  Today Bob and Mike took two vehicles and trailers down to the Twin Cities to pick up furniture for the staff housing.  A hotel was doing some remodeling and we were able to work out a deal on some dressers, night stands and other items.  They will return yet this evening with furnishings for the new employee housing.  The only thing is, the building hasn’t even been started.

     Backwards, isn’t it?  Shouldn’t we build a structure, put the furnishings in it and then have the staff arrive?  Nahhh, that would make life too easy.  There’s something about making an employee build their own place to live in that gives them a sense of ownership.  It also tends to motivate them to put long hours in when they are living in a tent in the back yard.  Just kidding, Adam isn’t in a tent yet, maybe if we don’t get the building done by fishing opener.

     In any case the wheels have been set in motion and orders are being placed so we can start building soon.  More staff will be arriving in early May so we better get on the move or Adam’s tent is going to be full!