Disappearing Act

          It’s that time of the year when the staff starts disappearing from Voyageur.  Not the normal momentary acts when they rush to the restroom in between tows or run upstairs to get a drink of water, but their grand finale.  The last chapter, the closing, the final act, call it what you will, it all means the same thing, they are leaving Voyageur for the summer.

     August is such a strange time of the year for an outfitter.  You really don’t want summer to end but you are so tired you don’t know how much more you can take.  You’re weary and exhausted but all of the bills haven’t even been paid so you need to push on.  The long hours have a way of catching up to you in August.  And in August the summer staff you’ve learned to depend on, appreciate and love begins to disappear. 

     The loss of staff means more work for everyone left behind but that doesn’t matter to me.  Not having these fun folks around anymore is what upsets me.  Like college room mates the staff becomes a major part of our lives.  Our kids fall in love with the crew just as much as we do.

     There has been a couple of disappearing acts already this year and more to come this week and the next.  They say they will keep in touch but we all know how difficult that is to do these days.  We can hope they will return to Voyageur again next year and be thankful we were lucky to have them for this summer.