Better than Fireworks

     It doesn’t make sense to go out to see a movie when there is such a great show in the sky for free.  This year’s Perseids were absolutely awesome.  Two nights I laid on my back on the dock to watch the spectacular meteors shoot across the sky.

     I could not contain my excitement when one would suddenly appear.  I reflexively screamed at the site of each one, scaring my son and his two friends who were with me.  This would get them all giggling until I would screech again with arm pointing toward the sky.  It was one of those experiences that rank up there with fireworks at Epcot.

     Last night I was disappointed when clouds appeared at dusk.  There would be no meteor viewing for me.  But I was pleasantly suprised to be awakened by the sound of rain falling on my roof.  I went downstairs to watch the lightning show light up the sky and hear the thunder boom. 

     The natural world at the end of the Gunflint Trail provides hours of viewing and listening pleasure.  I’m lucky to live here and even luckier to see light shows in the sky that are even better than fireworks on the 4th of July.