Diamond Eye

     Most people who fish for Bass have used spinnerbaits at one time or another.  Now there is even more of a reason to try a spinnerbait in 2007.  Terminator is making a Diamond Series spinnerbait and if you are a lucky fisherman your lure will have a diamond eye.  The company has been in business for 10 years and is celebrating by placing a diamond valued at $1000 in the eye of 10 new Diamond Anniversary Series spinnerbaits. 

     This year may be the year I take a particular interest in the sporting good section.  It will also be the year I won’t complain when Mike buys spinnerbaits from Terminator.  It may even be the year I buy him some new spinnerbaits and while I’m at it Josh too!

    For tips on using spinnerbaits you can check out this article filled with useful information.