December Moon

     The full moon of December is on the 4th and should be out by 6:25 PM.   The full moons of winter when we have snow on the ground are spectacular.  The light of the moon reflects off of the snow on the ground and it almost looks like daylight outside.  This winter I will go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing across a lake by the light of a full moon, after they freeze up! 

<%image(20061127-moon.jpg|200|150|Full Moon in the BWCA)%>

 The following are all names of the December full moon.

  • Winter Maker Moon
  • Small Spirits Moon
  • Snow Moon
  • Freezing Moon
  • Frost Moon
  • Time of Cold Moon
  • Popping Trees Moon
  • Big Winter Moon
  • When the wolves run together Moon
  • When deer shed their horns moon.