Days are Short this Time of the Year

I admit I like to wake up when it’s a little bit light outside but it gets dark way too early now.  After we “fell” back last weekend it seems like the hours of daylight just fly by.  If you don’t get up with the sun then it feels like it’s dark before you know it.  I look at the clock and it feels like it’s 9pm and it’s really only 7pm.  And it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

Tomorrow morning daylight will come too quickly for the deer hunters. They’ll have to get up early to get out to their stands before the sun comes up.  I used to go deer hunting but after spending hours upon hours in a tree stand and not ever having even seen a deer I gave up.  I don’t know if I would have shot one if I had the opportunity but when you can’t sit still you don’t get to find out.

I hope you’re taking advantage of the short days and catching up on your sleep.  We like to say we’re like bears and work like crazy all summer long and then hibernate during the winter.  If only that were true.

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