Crazy Doesn’t Begin to Describe It

The “It” I am referring to is something that is supposed to resemble our life. I’m not sure if it’s me or Mike or the combination of the two or the addition of the two kids that made us crazy but our lives are definitely crazy. Thank Goodness for great friends, Tony & Hannah and cell phones with wi-fi.

One question I ask myself frequently is, “Why didn’t I let Josh quit hockey when he wanted to give up in Kindergarten?” The other boys in his class were playing hockey so he thought he should play hockey too. The only thing was he had never skated and didn’t have an older sibling that he had watched play. When he couldn’t skate as fast as the other kids he decided he didn’t want to play but we insisted. “You’re a part of a team, you wanted to play, you signed up and you don’t have to play again after this year, but you’re not quitting now.”

Maybe if we hadn’t been carting him all over for the past 7 years we wouldn’t have agreed to having Abby play volleyball on a team in Duluth this winter. Guilt makes you do crazy things. Like drive down to Cloquet on Friday for a 2pm hockey game and back to Duluth for a 7:30pm volleyball practice then back to Cloquet the next day for a 10am and 2pm hockey game. Then ditch your son with another hockey family so you can get up at 4:30am to drive to St. Paul for a volleyball tournament and not get home until 10pm.

I wish I could say this week will be better only it won’t.  Josh has practice in Silver Bay Monday night, practice in Two Harbors Tuesday night and Abby has practice in Duluth on Wednesday night. Then on Thursday night it’s back to Duluth for a hockey game and Friday head down to the cities for another volleyball tournament on Saturday and Sunday while Josh has a game in Ashland, Wisconsin on Saturday as well.  Maybe the next weekend will be better? Nope. Hockey in International Falls on the weekend and volleyball in Duluth on Sunday.

Yes. We are crazy. Crazy about our kids and their athletics. The insanity will end all too soon and we’ll be wishing we were chasing around with them again, at least that’s what other parents tell me. I don’t think any of those parents ever spent as much time on the road as us, but I do believe I will miss it. So, until they say, “Uncle.” I’ll say, “Hurry up, we gotta go.”

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