Come Back

     Some residents of the Gunflint Trail will be able to return to their homes today.  After looking at the forecast and careful consideration the Cook County Sheriff’s Department has decided to allow home owners with property up to County Road 85 on the Gunflint Trail to return home today.  This includes all areas from Fire Hall #1 up to Voyageur’s Point Road on Poplar Lake.  Residents who live beyond that point will have to wait to come back.

   The firefighters will be conducting another back burn today near Gunflint Lake.  This is to try to secure the properties in the area in case of a strong wind from the East.  Crews are working on all other areas of the fire to try to establish fire lines, secure structures and prevent the fire from spreading farther.

     I’m not sure when we will be allowed to return home.  The kids are getting kind of anxious, but without power, water or phone, I’m not too excited.  I’m not looking forward to what lurks in my freezers or refrigerators either.

     We’re hoping the crews will make some good progress and contain more of the fire today.  We’re so thankful no properties have been lost the past couple of days.  There are so many people on the Gunflint Trail it is amazing more haven’t been hurt.  I’ve only heard of one shoulder injury. 

     Please keep praying for rain and the safety of all of the crews working on the Gunflint Trail.