Color Show

<%image(20070923-seagullsm.jpg|300|200|fall colors in the BWCA)%>

     Fall colors have arrived on the Gunflint Trail.  It seems to happen overnight; one day you travel the Trail without much attention paid to the foliage and the next day the colors are popping right along with your eyeballs in amazement of the display of fall colors. 

      We are so lucky to live in a place where we not only have a variety of leaf color changing trees but also the season of fall so we can enjoy the change of season.  The great thing about fall is how long it takes all of the trees to change colors.  There are many variables that affect how quickly or slowly the process happens, temperature, moisture and elevation all play a role.  That’s why when you travel the Gunflint Trail some areas will be really colorful while others won’t quite have reached their peak.  

<%image(20070923-redmaplesm.jpg|250|375|Fall Colors on the Gunflint Trail)%>

  If you want to see some spectacular fall colors then come on up for a visit.  You can drive the North Shore and even take some side road excursions for more fall colors.  Unfortunately fall is a short season and the colors don’t last forever so be sure to plan a trip soon.  Before long the leaves will fall to the ground preparing the earth for our next season, the season of snow.  Winter is just around the corner waiting to greet us like an old friend.