Cold Water Saves Energy

     According to Idealbyte you can save money and energy by washing your hands with cold water.  Of course I rarely have the patience to wait around for the water to get hot so I’m glad to hear using soap and scrubbing with cold water is just as effective as using hot water.    

Do energy and water bills drain your resources?

The Bite
Put a plug in it. Consider using cold water instead of hot to wash your hands, since the cold, hard truth is that cold’s usually just as effective.

The Benefits

  • Saving energy. Every 10-degree drop in H2O temperature saves you 3%-5% on water heating costs.
  • Saving water. Most faucets spit out 2 gal per min while you’re waiting for the water to warm up.
  • Clean hands. With hand washing, the friction and the soap are what really get your hands clean. As far as water temp goes, you’d have to rinse your paws in boiling water to actually kill germs.