Baby it’s Cold Outside

     The thermometer says is 19 degrees, below zero that is.  It doesn’t seem to make much of a difference if it’s 10 below or 20 below, it’s still cold.  I do think the cold air makes the blue sky even prettier to look at when there’s snow on the ground.  The snow is what makes living on the Gunflint Trail in the winter fun.

     This weekend I will be digging out, all of the winter toys that is.  It’s time to take the snowshoes off of the wall and strap them onto my feet for a hike in the woods; maybe in search of a Christmas tree.  The downhill skis need to come out of the closet because if the temperature is nice on the shore then we’ll be heading to Lutsen for an afternoon.  I need to make sure all of the cold winter gear is ready for a traditional sleigh ride at Okontoe on Saturday night and if there’s time I will have to get my cross-country skis ready to go.

     Never mind the thermometer.  When it’s winter on the Gunflint Trail we’re ready to go outside and play.  Have a great weekend everyone!