Catalog Craziness

    Every day a new catalog appears in my mailbox.  Some days I get two of the very same catalog.  I look through them and dream about what I would look like in that fancy ski jacket or how great it would be to sit in a living room with a huge theater television.  Then I remember we don’t even get television reception and I have five other jackets that work just fine.  These catalogs make me want to buy things I don’t need and aspire to look like people who aren’t real.   As one of my New Year’s resolutions I resolve to remove myself from as many catalog mailings as possible and encourage you to do the same. 

The Bite
This year, get off catalog mailing lists to save energy, paper.

The Benefits

  • Mailbox bliss. Every American receives about 63 mailbox-clogging catalogs per year.
  • Saving resources. U.S. catalog production uses 53 mil trees and enough water to fill 81,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools each year. Even true romance might not be worth all that.
  • More time. Americans waste about 8 hrs per year dealing with junk mail – almost as much time as they spend writing alimony checks.
  • Save money. Keeping your eyes off glossy pages filled with shiny bobbles might mean fewer impulse buys. Might…